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Job Placement Center                                 

The Job Placement Center (JPC) is a resource and information center available to current students and alumni. The JPC assists students to become fully prepared to search for employment opportunities that are in line with their educational goals and career objectives. Students are encouraged to apply to employment opportunities, work experience programs or internships that will provide the skills and experience needed to secure permanent employment once they have graduated.


Job Placement Events                                                                                                   

2014 Fall Job Fair Registration Form

2014 Fall Job Fair Flyer


The mission of the Job Placement Center is to provide continuous and comprehensive assistance to students and members of the community. Opportunities are offered to secure gainful employment and to ensure the realization of educational and professional goals.


Antelope Valley College Job Placement staff and the AVC Foundation are proud to thank the sponsors from our last year's Spring 2013 Career Information and Job Fair:

INNOVATOR - $750 and above

High Desert Broadcasting

LEADER - $500 and above

Charter College

Pepsi Beverages

ASSOCIATE - $100 and above

Amerimac Office Products

DeVry University

Morgan and Sampson

Scaled Composites

Snow Orthodontics