Giving Opportunities: Current Campaigns

Your gift to any or all of these campaigns will make a significant difference in the life of a student.

STARS Campaign

With the completion of the 2004 Measure R Bond project, Antelope Valley College is poised to begin a new era of excellence in education, access to education for the Antelope Valley, and workforce development to support economic resiliency for our students, their families, and our community.

By supporting the AVC S.T.A.R.S. campaign, you can ensure the continued growth of Antelope Valley College and increased opportunities for generations of students.  STARS encompasses all aspects of Antelope Valley College Education

S – Student educational support throughout all divisions

T – Technology infrastructure support to remain on the cutting edge.

A – Arts and Athletics support, bringing the community to the campus

R – Resources and maintenance support for our college facilities

S – Scholarships for our incoming, continuing and transferring students.

As we approach Antelope Valley College’s 85th Anniversary in 2014-15, please join us in being a part of the future of accredited, transferrable, quality education!  We have produced stellar managers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and a Nobel Prize winning Poet Laureate.  Antelope Valley College is a stepping stone to success, making our community and the world a better place. 

Be a part of the solution – join the many shining stars that are contributing to the vast array of opportunities at Antelope Valley College!  

Employee Giving – Because of You!

At Antelope Valley College, faculty and staff have a rich history of working above and beyond their official responsibilities to enrich the campus community. Many volunteer and contribute financial gifts to support student scholarships and college programs.

From an AVC alumna to AVC employees:

 “Knowing that so many college faculty and employees are losing income due to budget cuts, and they're still making sacrifices for (donations to) students, shows me just how passionate they are about us and the importance of continuing our education. AVC employees are very much appreciated and I hope that they will continue helping students like me!”

- Brenda L. Garcia, AVC Liberal Arts and Business Major, transferred to CSUN, working toward a career in child psychology

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