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Monsters & Hybrids: Creatures of Impulse
September 24-October 17


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Current Exhibition


Frank Dixon / Akihito Ikeda / Brynn Metheny / David Perteet
Anne Drew Potter / Mathew Powers / Tetsufumi Sakae

Exhibition dates:  September 24-October 17, 2014
Artist Reception:  Wednesday, September 24, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Gallery Talk with the Artists at 7:15 p.m.

Stemming from practices in Hollywood, contemporary fine art, illustration, and digital media, the artists of Monster and Hybrids:  Creatures of Impulse share a compulsion for inventing and reformulating biological forms.  This exhibition examines the conceptual processes and imaginative mechanisms these artists use to forge meaning through this practice.  Their results span an enormous gamut, ranging from deep social reflection to upapologetic fantasy, from cinematic macabre to scientific scrutiny, suggesting environments both foreign and parallel to our own.  Despite its persistant reoccurance throughout the human record of art, creature creation is often marginalized or addressed only under strict subgenres (fantasy, horror, contemporary art, etc.).  This exhibition hopes to dissolve these barriers by exploring how artists use monsters and hybrids to question normative states of society, ecology, and psychology.  Through this rich cross-dialog, these works question why the "impulse" for monsters and hybrids holds a central place in the construction of human experience.

Frank Dixon monster      Akihito's Wind Messenger

Frank Dixon, Akihito Ikeda

Brynn Metheney's Kappa      David Perteet Hellequin

Brynn Metheny, David Perteet

Anne Drew Potter's Ticket Taker    Mathew Powers creature   Tetsufumi's Alien Creature 

Anne Drew Potter, Mathew Powers, Tetsufumi Sakae

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Written in the Stars: The First in a Series of Exhibitions on Arbitrary Systems

Exhibition dates:  October 20– November 14, 2014
Artist Reception:  Saturday,  October 25.

What would an exhibition look like completely divorced from curatorial subjectivity? What kind of discourse can rise from a group of artworks that is brought together, not by one person's interests and preferences, but by chance, play, and perhaps a little divine intervention? As a way of thinking outside of a traditional relationship of dependency – artist on curator, curator's discourse upon artwork – I propose a series of exhibitions that are brought together through an application of completely arbitrary systems. From this experiment, my hope is to ignite a different way of exhibiting, viewing, writing and thinking about contemporary art.

The first in this series of exhibitions is Written in the Stars, and will be configured based on the astrological charts of each artist who responds to this call. The collection of birthdates will be given to an astrologer who will select the participants based on each birth charts alignment with the opening date of the exhibition (October 20, 2014). Taking place at Antelope Valley College Art Gallery in Lancaster, CA, the show will be in the epicenter of a desert landscape in which metaphysical energies and practices are said to flourish.

Kellie Lanham, the visiting writer and curator of this exhibition, is an editor and regular contributor to RECAPS Magazine and Haunt Journal of Art and holds an MFA in Critical and Curatorial Studies from the University of California, Irvine. For more theorization on astrology check out Christopher J. Lee's "Queers Love Astrology," Marty Windahl's "When You Think the Night Has Seen Your Mind: Thoughts on Queers and Astrology," and other similar articles on RECAPS Magazine. Copyright © 2014, Kellie Lanham, All rights reserved


Made in the Desert: Friends of the Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition dates:  November 17- December 5, 2014
Dropoff dates November 10-14
Artist Reception:  Wednesday,  November 19, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.


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